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Splashtop Business 3.4

Allows sharing desktops and other data over the Internet
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Splashtop Business allows sharing desktops and other data over the Internet. This means that it lets you access and work on a remote computer as though you were sitting in front of it. The tool has a minimalistic design with a toolbar with various icons that start the most common operations. However, it does not look as fancy as other similar software. For the program to work properly, it has to be accompanied with Splashtop Streamer, which needs to be installed on the target machines.

Besides sharing the remote desktop, the program allows other operations. For instance, it lets you chat with other users, transfer files between devices and share clipboard contents. Moreover, the tool supports sending remote files to a local printer. Regrettably, Splashtop Business does not let you use the remote screen as a whiteboard, which is supported by other programs of the same kind.

A concern shared by all users of programs based on remote connections is that of security. Good news is that Splashtop Business uses 256-bit encryption to transfer data through the network. What is more, it lets you decide on how you want to start a session. Thus, various access methods are available, including the use of remote account credentials and additional security code. It is even possible to decide not to use a password, an option that is only recommended if you are working on your own machines.

The performance of the program itself cannot be separated from the quality of the service provided. Luckily, during tests, the quality of the graphics was excellent and there was practically no lag. In this respect, it is important to know that you do not actually pay for the software but the service.

All in all, Splashtop Business is a great solution for professionals and collaborative teams that need to work remotely at minimum costs. It is cross-platform, which means that you can work from any device independently of the operating system installed. Besides, it is available at a lower price if you compare with other similar software; however, you must be aware that it lacks some of the features that you can find in more expensive tools. Besides Business, there are other available editions, such as Personal and Classroom.

Pedro Castro
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  • Inexpensive alternative to other similar software
  • Excellent quality of graphics with practically no lag
  • Strong encryption algorithms
  • Various authentication methods


  • Does not support the remote screen as a whiteboard
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